Our curriculum uses Indiana preschool and kindergarten readiness standards as a starting point. We have integrated STEAM principles and activities into our lessons. In this way, students are not just learning facts and rote memorization.  Rather, they are learning at a deeper level about the why’s, how’s, and what if’s of the world.  Learning is often hands-on and interactive and encourages students to look for solutions to problems and to apply knowledge across disciplines. We know that not all students learn the same way so we utilize a variety of teaching methods.  We go above and beyond the standards in many ways.  For example, because we recognize kids’ propensity for language acquisition, our curriculum also includes Spanish instruction.


Integrating Values

We believe that it is important to prepare kids to be future citizens as well as successful students.  In order to do this, we actively teach the importance of demonstrating positive character traits.  Within our chapel times, we teach the kids about core values, focusing on one different value each month.  This teaching is reinforced by Bible lessons and fun, relevant activities.  Importantly, these values are not just taught but they are also demonstrated.  Our teachers live out these values every day to the observant eyes of their students.  Likewise, we help kids to learn how to live these values out in their interactions with others.   We want to help kids to grow spiritually and morally just as they are growing physically and intellectually.

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